Bypassing Vodafone's FTTH router: part I Internet

We want to replace that boring Vodafone branded router with our full-featured tp-link Archer C7v2 running OpenWRT to manage our LAN and Internet access.

Sermepa blocked by cloudflare

So we've been under attack and migrated our domain to Cloudflare and now our application is not being notified by sermepa redsys when a user does a payment. (Sermepa is the spanish way of charging credit cards, like but spanish...)

Where there is python there's an HTTP Server

Sometimes you need an HTTP server and installing nginx is not worth-it or possible. You may need-it right now to copy that huge file that will bloat scp. If you have python installed you've got one, you don't even need to write a script.

PHP-5.3 build with tls 1.2 support

I know, last release of php-5.3 was the 14th August 2014. Don't blame me! Why are you here anyway? Lets build php for our client's old php application.

Real IP's for cloudflare proxied traffic on nginx

We've been under attack, we migrated our domain to Cloudflare and now we just see cloudflare node ips connecting to our servers and applications. Lets configure nginx to display real ones.
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